Brave & Paid



12 Weeks To Go From NO Biz (aka No $ In Your Biz) To Your First $5K Month Online

Ready to go from overwhelmed AF to having your very first $5k month?!


This program is for the burnt out personal trainer or 9-5er who is

ready to FINALLY:

  • Create and launch their very first online signature program and SELL it out!

  • Leave their job that literally DRAINS them.

  • Call the shots with what they spend their time on and with whom.

  • FINALLY, be DONE with overwhelm and fear and step into the badass biz babe that they are!

This program and all the info inside is the KEY to how I finally started my online fitness coaching biz and created a $9K month my very FIRST month as an online fitness coach.

It’s the same info and process I teach my clients that helps them FINALLY get out of fear mode, get clear on who their perfect dream client is, and ACTUALLY sell their first high ticket coaching offer.

And now, it’s YOUR time, girl. It’s time for YOU to do the same.


Are you TRULY ready to go from scared, burnt out AF, and STUCK in a job you hate to FREE and $$ IN THE BANK?!

In this program, we will:

  • Get clear on the step by step process to starting a fitness coaching biz so that you can sign on your FIRST high ticket client(s) within a few short weeks using the strategies in this mastermind!

  • Get OVER your fear that is holding you the hell back and FINALLY take action to start the damn biz, create your first offer, and SELL! (It really is so simple to make $ online)

  • Learn the mindset strategy that you NEED to gain confidence, create with clarity, and attract in your dream client!

  • Teach you the daily action steps you need to grow your business (without the overwhelm) so that you know exactly what you should be doing to finally create the income you deserve!


 Does this sound familiar?!

  • Asking your friends and family to train them for free online so you can feel “good enough” to start charging for your services.  

  • Opting in and downloading every flippin’ freebie out there to find some secret step by step way to ACTUALLY start getting clients online, but you literally read it and feel overwhelmed AF so it just gets filed away under your “Freebies” folder in your email.

  • You heard about online training years ago and yet you’re still working that life sucking job that you hate!  

  • You’re trying to just “grow your following” or “build an email list” so that you can have a gajillion dollar launch when you actually have enough followers/people on your list. (How’s that going?)

  • Telling your boyfriend and friends you want to online coach, travel, and live this dream life that you KNOW is FOR YOU, but you feel like an idiot when they say “that sounds super cool.. Hope it works out for you hun”.

I know… Because I WAS you.

Stuck in a job that made me want to rip my hair out while I was there and I counted down the minutes until 5 pm.

Miserable, stuck, SO frickin’ overwhelmed and frustrated with myself while I watched everyone else go for it online.

I felt alone in my big scary dreams, knowing I was made for SO much more - for freedom, for travel, for fun! But I didn’t know HOW to actually get there

And then I had ENOUGH!

I had enough of the overwhelm, trying to figure it alllll out on my own, SAYING I was going to do it, PLANNING it all out, but NEVER. ACTUALLY. DOING. IT!

I said NO MORE!

I invested in my first business coach to get the guidance and support I needed.

And that’s when EVERYTHING completely changed. THAT is the moment my life CHANGED.

I got my first online client, made my investment back in 2 weeks, and my very first month in business…. I made $9,200.

Screenshot First Mo.jpg

Four weeks after I invested in my first coach, I quit my miserable 9-5 loan officer job and never looked back!


I finally went on the beach trips I had said I was going to. I finally worked from home, from the coffee shop, from anywhere!

I was FINALLY spending my time with clients I LOVE. Talking about my passion - health and fitness. Changing lives.

And now I’m here to teach you how you can do it too!  I am here to teach you all the secrets to going from $0 to your FIRST $5k+ month as an online fitness coach.




  • You are extremely passionate about health and fitness and are currently training clients in person but know you are maxed out and want to leverage yourself with an online program.

  • You are stuck in a job you are SO not passionate about and know you can help people with their health and fitness because you have transformed your own life with it.  

  • Fear keeps taking over and HOLDING YOU BACK (aka you’re in the same exact spot you were 6 or 12 months ago).

  • You are DONE with your own BS and ready to take massive ACTION!

  • You KNOW in your heart and soul you’re meant to be INSANELY successful and change LIVES!

  • You are ready to go ALL IN! You just need the steps, support, and some ass kicking to make it FINALLY happen!


  • You are not 100% in and ready to do whatever the hell it takes to make it happen!

  • You’re looking for some secret formula that is going to make you millions of dollars in the next month. There is no such thing and you will not find it here. Building a biz takes WORK. It is not for everyone. BUT, it is SO worth it!

  • You are in it for just the money and not to truly change lives and live out your PURPOSE.

  • You aren’t willing to face your fear and still go head on into taking ACTION, getting the support you need, trusting the process, and following through with your DREAMS!

  • You make excuses, blame other people for your lack of results, and make yourself a victim.



  • 12 week group coaching program.

  • 12 weekly group calls to get support, love, and accountability.

  • 6 module course to learn everything you need to know to go from $0 to your first HIGH ticket client and more!

  • 6 worksheets to accompany each module to guide your learning and give you specific action items to take every single week.

  • Private FB group for DAILY coaching, support, and ass kicking.


Here’s what you’ll be learning:

MODULE 1: BECOMING The Badass Biz Babe You KNOW You Are

  • Creating the most compelling VISION for where you want to go so that when you wake up you are knock your socks off EXCITED about LIFE!

  • Getting the hell OVER your fear and anxiety around building a biz online and finally being the CONFIDENT badass women you KNOW you are.

  • Learning how to STOP caring what anyone thinks of you so you feel creative and free to be who you truly are.

  • Knowing the TRUTH around the mindset it takes to build a highly profitable fitness coaching biz.

MODULE 2: Get CLEAR On Your Story & Who You Are as a Coach

  • Going deep on the experiences, stories, and all the things about you that make you YOU so you can actually stand OUT as an online coach.

  • Getting CLEAR on who your dream soulmate client is using my secret formula, so that when you create content, you will literally SPEAK her language.

  • Figuring out your niche and CORE message of who you are, the powerful transformation you provide your client, and why they will have NO choice but to throw their credit card at you!

MODULE 3: Fun & Sexy Content To Attract Your DREAM Clients

  • Learning what to say and post to actually be true to your message and stand out from alllll the other coaches out there.

  • Learning how to speak DIRECTLY to your soulmate clients so that they instantly connect with you and can’t wait to work with you (this is when they message you saying “your post literally is what I was thinking!”).

  • How to come up with a content plan so you NEVER run out of valuable content to post on social media, especially on those days where you’re feeling “the funk”.

  • How to grow your social media and find and connect with your dream soulmate clients (aka create leads on DEMAND).

MODULE 4: Creating Your Irresistible Offering

  • Creating your signature dream offering that you are out of this world excited for (you won’t sell something you aren’t STOKED for!).

  • Learning how to structure and create your offer in a way that SELLS!

  • How to deliver your program in a systemized, simple, and FUN way (no overwhelm here!).

  • Going over any systems you need (workout delivery, booking calls, payment processing, etc.) you might need to be too legit to quit (lol)!

  • How to TRULY transform your clients’ lives and be a powerful badass coach.

MODULE 5: Time To Sell Girl!

  • Learning how to sell WITHOUT feeling scammy or fake!

  • Create a launch plan to SELL OUT your program!

  • Giving you the exact tools you need to have a successful sales call, handling objections (aka “I can’t afford it”), and enrolling your client into their new journey of transformation!

  • Helping you have a rock solid mindset so you can DITCH the desperation and actually get PAID!

MODULE 6: Get It Together!

  • How to create a schedule in your biz so you don’t feel like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off!

  • Creating boundaries in your biz to ACTUALLY create the freedom and life you even started this all for.

  • How to structure your biz, pay your taxes (super fun stuff here!), create multiple sources of income, and set yourself up for success so you can scale in the future!

And SO much more!

This isn’t just about learning the steps to take to start your online fitness biz….

This is about finally being able to QUIT (or take on less in person clients to free some TIME) your job that is making you miserable, creating a fun, flexible biz with clients that you LOVE, and FINALLY having the bank account you deserve!





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